Mr. Inoki’s “Farewell Party” will be a “state funeral” with tens of thousands of people in Tokyo D and other locations.

The “Farewell Party” for Antonio Inoki (real name Kanji Inoki), a professional wrestler and politician, will be held on a large scale with “tens of thousands of people”. Candidate venues will be Tokyo Dome, Nippon Budokan, and Ryogoku Kokugikan. Hitoshi Takahashi, representative of the management office IGF (Inoki Genki Factory), revealed the information on April […]

Kumamon terrestrial painting to be unveiled to the public for the first time in four years

A Kumamon terrestrial painting made by mowing the grass in a park in Kumamoto City was opened to the press on April 12, before being unveiled to the public for the first time in four years. The Kumamon terrestrial painting was created by the local landscape architects’ association in conjunction with the annual autumn festival, […]

Dam-aged sake, a Toyama specialty, stored in five locations in Kurobe and other areas, tastes mellow in a cool, dark environment

An initiative to store and mature Toyama Prefecture’s local sake in the tunnels of the Kurobe Dam and other facilities is gaining popularity. The “Toyama Dam Aged Sake,” which takes advantage of the stable cool and dark environment, is characterized by its mild flavor. Kiyomitsu Tajika, 70, secretary general of the prefectural sake brewers’ association, […]

Toyama Specialty Red Snow Crab Served in School Lunches at Elementary Schools

In an effort to increase local children’s interest in the fishing industry, an elementary school in the city of Imizu, Toyama Prefecture, served each student a cup of its specialty red snow crab for lunch on July 7. The Shin-Minato Fishery Cooperative Association in Imizu City provides locally caught red snow crab to elementary schools […]

Oyster shipments for raw consumption lifted two weeks later than usual in Miyagi

In Miyagi Prefecture, one of the largest oyster producers in Japan, the ban on the shipment of oysters for raw consumption was lifted on the 11th, two weeks later than usual, and preparations are underway for the first shipment in Ishinomaki City, the production center. The shipment of oysters for raw consumption is lifted every […]

Nagano Prefecture-developed “Shinano Sweet” apples begin shipping.

In Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture, shipments of “Shinano Sweet,” an apple variety developed by the prefecture, have begun. The “Shinano Sweet” was developed by Nagano Prefecture and registered in 1996, and is characterized by its low acidity and strong sweetness.   At the JA’s fruit-sorting plant in Azumino City, the shipping of the red-colored Shinano […]