Myakumyaku was designed on manhole covers, installed in 400 locations by Expo 2025.

In an effort to promote the Osaka-Kansai Expo in 2025, the City of Osaka has installed manhole covers featuring the official character “Myakumyaku” at 10 locations in the city. The city plans to install them in 400 locations by the time of the Expo.



The new manhole covers were installed at 10 locations in the city, including JR Osaka Station and in front of Osaka City Hall.

According to Osaka City, the new manhole covers have a lively design that makes them look as if they have jumped out of the manhole.

Osaka City plans to install the manholes in approximately 400 locations in the city by the time of the Expo, including areas around Osaka Metro stations and busy sidewalks, and will also work with Osaka Prefecture to encourage other municipalities to install them.

In conjunction with the installation, Osaka City is also running a campaign until January next year to win sewer-related goods by posting photos of the lids on social networking sites.

Osaka City Mayor Matsui said, “We would like to make the lids visible to many citizens and tourists in Umeda and Namba, the gateways to Osaka, to help build momentum for the Expo.


Myakumyaku-specification monorail is now available.



【Osaka City】