Christmas tree in the sea, Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama

A Christmas tree has been set up underwater in the town of Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture, one of the best diving spots in Japan.



Every year, the Kushimoto Diving Association, a group of local diving companies, installs a Christmas tree to encourage divers to enjoy exploring the sea during this time of year when the water is clearer.

On the 29th, divers dressed as Santa Claus went underwater to a depth of 18 meters at a point called “Bizen,” about 200 meters offshore to the west of Cape Ushio, and set up the Christmas tree.



The white sand of the seabed and a 3-meter-high Christmas tree decorated with festive decorations created an early Christmas atmosphere.

Hiroyuki Michii, 48, of the Kushimoto Diving Business Association, said, “I hope everyone enjoys the white sand and green trees, which look great when photographed with underwater lights.

The underwater Christmas tree will be in place until December 25.


【Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama Prefecture】