Okashi no Machioka offers 1,000 kinds of Japanese snacks at very low prices!

Have you heard of “Okashi no Machioka” which operates mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area? It sells attractive inexpensive snacks at reasonable prices. Okashi no Machioka sells a wide range of products, from large-volume confections reminiscent of old-time candy stores to one-off items, all at inexpensive prices.



Operating nearly 200 stores in the Kanto region alone, “Okashi no Machioka” is a popular candy store for both children and adults, selling nostalgic, rare, and discontinued sweets that are not available in supermarkets and convenience stores at low prices.

Okashi no Machioka is a candy shop where children come with their pocket money to buy inexpensive sweets for field trips and snacks because of their popularity. At Okashi no Machioka, children’s pocket money of 300 yen is enough to buy sweets.

Popular products at Okashi no Machioka, which is famous for selling sweets at very low prices, are standard chocolate and snacks. Some of the products have been discontinued and are no longer sold at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Also, you can find a pile of sweets that are not sold in supermarkets at Okashi no Machioka. Even if you buy a box of sweets, they are inexpensive, so Okashi no Machioka is popular among all generations.

Okashi no Machioka sometimes sells snacks at lower prices than those at supermarkets and convenience stores, so be sure to check there on a regular basis. Be especially careful with chocolate and snacks, as they are sometimes sold at higher prices at Okashi no Machioka, depending on the day.

At Okashi no Machioka, you will find a wide variety of products such as chocolate Kit Kat, potato chips and rice crackers, which are standard snacks. But be careful not to buy too many just because they are cheap.



So why is Okashi no Machioka so inexpensive? The first reason is that unlike supermarkets and convenience stores, we can order large quantities at one time, which reduces costs. The second reason is that we have both wholesale and retail functions, so there are no intermediate fees.

Another reason is that the products are displayed and sold directly in cardboard boxes. Taking them out of the boxes and displaying them one by one would cost labor and time. Since we sell our products in cardboard boxes, albeit in a haphazard manner, the number of employees per store is reduced.

In addition, because of this unique display method and the success of sales at Okashi no Machioka, manufacturers are willing to give priority to their products, which allows us to sell them at a lower price.

The unique sales methods of Okashi no Machioka have influenced other stores to follow suit, and now more and more stores are selling sweets at lower prices in a similar fashion. This is a good thing for consumers.

Be careful not to stock up at Okashi no Machioka just because it is cheap. There is a possibility that you will be able to buy different sweets next time when they are cheaper. Okashi no Machioka carries as many as 1,000 kinds of snacks.

In order to be able to purchase inexpensive sweets at any time, the manager of Okashi no Machioka stores is authorized to stock the types of sweets he or she purchases. Therefore, the types of sweets handled differ from store to store. It is a good idea to visit various stores to find your favorite sweets.


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