Professional wrestling train – Showing off their skills using the strap and handrail, JR Kururi Line, Chiba

A “pro-wrestling train” featuring pro-wrestling matches was operated on the JR Kururi Line running along the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture.



The “Pro-Wrestling Train” was operated by the JR East Chiba Branch on the Kururi Line running in the Boso Peninsula, Chiba Prefecture, in order to promote the attractiveness of the train line as well as to cheer up the riders.

About 10 wrestlers from Dainippon Pro-Wrestling and Niigata Pro-Wrestling will compete in a one-and-a-half hour round trip between Kisarazu and Kururi stations.

The wrestlers moved violently in the aisles between passengers, slamming opponents to the floor and doors, and performing tricks using the straps and handrails.

About 50 passengers, who had applied to be on the “wrestling train,” cheered when the players performed their moves.



A passenger in his 40s commented, “It was interesting to see a wrestling match on a train that I usually ride. It was also very nice to see it up close. I think this could be a good way to revitalize the town.

Kazuo Yamaguchi, station manager of JR Kisarazu Station, said, “The pro-wrestlers gave me energy. We would like to continue to promote the Kururi Line so that people will come to our station.


【Kisarazu stations, JR Kururi Line, Chiba Prefecture】