Yellow, white and pink tama-chrysanthemums are at their best at Akabori Kogiku-no-sato, Isesaki

Yellow, white, and pink tama-chrysanthemums are now at their best at “Akabori Kogiku no Sato” in Isomachi, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, delighting visitors strolling around.



Akabori-Kogiku-no-sato is a famous flower viewing spot with a great view of Mount Akagi to the north, Mount Asama, Mount Haruna, and Mount Myogi to the west, and the mountains of Chichibu to the south. In mid-October, when the flowers are at their best, the “Akabori Kogiku no Sato Festival” is held and various events are held. The small chrysanthemums, which come in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and white, emit a unique fragrance.



Located at the northern edge of Isesaki City, the area is within the town of Isomachi, which has a rich natural environment with many historical assets such as ruins and ancient tombs. The south slope of Mt. Minegishi, the highest mountain in the city (168.3 meters above sea level), is used by the “Kogiku no Sato Tsukurino Kai” to plant small chrysanthemums (tama-chrysanthemums).

About 20,000 plants are in bloom on a 23,000 square meter hillside. About 60 members of the volunteer group, “Little Chrysanthemum Village Tsukuri-no-Sukuri no Kai,” chaired by Masao Yoshida, have been maintaining the area for the past 20 years.


Mr. Yoshida said, “The blooming of chrysanthemums is half a month later than usual due to the lack of rainfall in the summer. The flowers are small, but they have bloomed brightly. We hope you will come and see them. The garden will be open until the 20th. Small chrysanthemums and agricultural products are also on sale.



【Akabori Kogiku-no-sato, Isesaki city, Gunma prefecture】