Monkeys relaxing in a hot spring, Hakodate, Hokkaido

A hot spring has been available at a botanical garden in the hot spring resort area of Hakodate since January 1, and visitors are enjoying the sight of the monkeys warming themselves in the snowy hot water.     About 50 Japanese macaques are kept at the Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden in Yugawa-cho, Hakodate City, […]

Daruma-san Koronada! Serious competition in a nostalgic game, Nara

The “National Daruma-san Koronda Championship” was held in Oji Town, Nara Prefecture, in October this year. The competition was to decide who would be the best in Japan in a serious game of “Daruma-san korodera,” a nostalgic game.   (You can view English subtitles by using youtube’s automatic translation feature.)   The venue for the […]

Christmas tree in the sea, Kushimoto-cho, Wakayama

A Christmas tree has been set up underwater in the town of Kushimoto, Wakayama Prefecture, one of the best diving spots in Japan.     Every year, the Kushimoto Diving Association, a group of local diving companies, installs a Christmas tree to encourage divers to enjoy exploring the sea during this time of year when […]

Okashi no Machioka offers 1,000 kinds of Japanese snacks at very low prices!

Have you heard of “Okashi no Machioka” which operates mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area? It sells attractive inexpensive snacks at reasonable prices. Okashi no Machioka sells a wide range of products, from large-volume confections reminiscent of old-time candy stores to one-off items, all at inexpensive prices.     Operating nearly 200 stores in the […]

Lion escapes after huge earthquake! Drill at Tennoji Zoo, Osaka

  A drill was held at Osaka’s Tennoji Zoo in the event of a huge earthquake that caused lions in the zoo to escape.     The drill was held at the Tennoji Zoo in Osaka City with visitors in attendance, and in addition to staff and employees, the fire department participated for the first […]

Cosplay enthusiasts from all over Japan held the first event in three years in Shizuoka City

For the first time in three years, cosplay enthusiasts from all over Japan gathered at a shopping street in Shizuoka City to enjoy taking pictures of themselves dressed as anime and movie characters.   (You can view English subtitles by using youtube’s automatic translation feature.)   The “Mt. Fuji Cosplay World Convention” had been held […]